We are about to enter 2023. Are you all set to stay on top of the PHP development game? If so, PHP IDE is the primary tool you need for PHP programming.

According to reports, today, PHP is used on 77% of websites. This makes it a popular language and the preferred choice for every PHP app development company. 

It is a high-quality scripting language that is extremely popular. To work with PHP, developers use a variety of code editors.

There are several PHP IDEs on the market that allow for smart code completion and real-time validation of errors in the code. Among the features of these tools are a syntax checker and debugger, which can be used to develop PHP scripts more quickly.

Despite appearing similar, these PHP IDE editors have differing capabilities and best uses.

As picking a code editor is essential, we've compiled a list of the best PHP IDEs and code editors that will thrive in 2023 to make your work easier. 

What is a PHP Editor?

The PHP script files may be edited using almost any text editor, such as Notepad, Notepad++, or any other text editor that is easy to use for editing PHP code. 

However, this should not imply that the process itself is simple. 

As there is no syntax highlighting in the basic PHP editor, it is difficult to read the source code files, which leads to misinterpretation of the code structure as a whole because there is no syntax highlighting in the PHP editor.

Using distinct typefaces and colors, parameters, variables, and keywords are instantly recognizable.

Developers are often slow to make decisions and mistakes when their code lacks readability because they need to read it carefully. 

You should hire dedicated PHP developers who use tools highlighting PHP syntax based on its meaning when editing PHP files.

Top PHP IDE and Editors

There are several stellar PHP editors and IDEs software available in the market. Here are a few top PHP IDE and Editors software worth attention too. 

Read on to know.

Visual Studio Code

With the Microsoft open-source PHP editor, you'll be able to view debugged code, integrate Git control, highlight syntax, use code completion and snippets, and refactor your code from Windows, Linux, or OS X.

There are several highly configurable options in the editor that developers, including theme, keyboard shortcuts, and features, can alter.

Features of Visual Studio Code 

  • Code validation, syntax highlighting, and auto-completing are all features of Visual Studio Code
  • Pick your favorite color theme
  • Emmet support is built-in
  • Completion of smart codes

NetBeans IDE

Several PHP development services tools can be found in the NetBeans PHP Integrated Programming Environment (IDE), a free and open-source integrated development environment. 

It provides web developers with everything they need to create large-scale online applications in PHP. 

In addition to supporting most programming languages, it supports scripting languages such as C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, and Ruby. It operates on an operating system that is based on Java. Hence, PHP code editors require JAVA to function.

Features of NetBeans IDE 

  • It is easy to view the PHP class hierarchy in NetBeans IDE
  • The brackets of the code are automatically filled in
  • It emphasizes PHP variables and keywords
  • It allows you to format a piece of code using a keyboard shortcut
  • Script templates can be used to create code scripts
  • Suggests parameter settings

Zend Studio

The Zend Studio PHP IDE is another in the long line of PHP IDEs that have captivated PHP developers worldwide. This suits web developers who provide PHP development services using PHP version 5.5 or higher.

You need a license for this commercial IDE developed by Zend Technologies to build PHP applications. Known for a lot of similarities with PHP Development Tools' Eclipse plugin, Zend Studio is highly inspired by it. 

Key Features 

  • With Zend Studio's code editor, you can auto-complete, refactor, and detect errors in real time
  • As well as PHP code, you can also write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code with the IDE
  • Integrates with Git, CVS, and SVN version control systems

Eclipse PDT

The Eclipse PHP development kit is an open-source version of Eclipse, the most popular and widely used PHP IDE. As a cross-platform IDE, Eclipse is ideal for managing large PHP projects, as it executes PHP code on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. Nevertheless, it requires JAVA installation as well.

Features of Eclipse PDT 

  • Using this PHP IDE, you can create code templates already pre-built
  • Restructuring of code is possible
  • Syntax validation is automatic
  • Compatible with all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Manage projects remotely


One of the most popular premium IDEs for PHP development services is Dreamweaver. IDE and web designer in one. 

However, Adobe Inc. developed the platform, which is quite expensive. Although it's expensive, it's gaining popularity due to its features. 

With it, you can upload, download, or sync files via FTP or cloud storage, speeding up your work.

Windows and macOS are compatible with the platform. Take a look at the trial version. 


  • The languages we support are PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, and WML
  • You can easily create dynamic websites with it
  • Website templates ready to go
  • Editors that check syntax, highlight code, and complete it


ActiveState provides the Komodo IDE open-source platform. Komodo Edit was the only thing it worked as before. With PHP and other languages now included, it's a complete IDE. As a free platform, Komodo has a lot of features. Still, Komodo Edit is free, and this is a free code editor you can use.   

 There is a Windows, macOS, and Linux version of the platform. Komodo is an award-winning software development platform with thousands of active users. 

Top Features 

  • Various languages are supported, such as PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, CSS, and XML
  • An intuitive code editor with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and code refactoring features
  • Unit testing and visual debugging


 Hire a dedicated PHP Developer with a good understanding of several PHP editors and integrated development environments (IDEs). 

 The top open-source editors recommended by PHP developers for quickly editing PHP scripts are listed below.

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