Java Spring Boot developer talent is in high demand today, and therefore, some companies need help finding and retaining dedicated specialists. Spring is the most popular application framework among Java and Java EE developers.

Since its first release in 2003, it has maintained high popularity. Due to its simplicity and small size, Spring developers are highly sought-after.

A Java company with plenty of experience should be fine with this, but hiring a Java Spring developer should have an objective and fair hiring process. This article will walk you through the hiring process for Java Spring Boot Developer from start to finish.

Let's get started.

About Spring Boot

A Java-based open-source web development platform that supports the development of microservices and standalone applications. By relying on dependency injection, Spring Boot allows you to start Spring applications quickly and easily.

With Spring Boot, you do not have to worry about web servers, as Spring Boot automatically configures Spring applications and advises which packages and defaults are needed.

What is the popularity of Java developers?

The Stackoverflow survey from 2022 found Java among the top 6 most popular technologies among professionals. In contrast, Java ranks fourth in terms of preferred programming language among specialists learning to code (39%).

If you're a Java developer, you don't need to worry about your next job opportunity. Globally, it remains one of the most popular programming languages. 

According to the latest Dice tech report on hiring managers and recruiters, there is a high demand in their companies for Java developers, which will help them meet their workforce needs.

Analyzing the job postings, we found a 55% increase in Java skill mentions from year to year.

Which skills do you need in a Spring Boot developer?

For an expert Spring Boot developer to carry out and complete a given set of tasks, they need a diverse set of technical skills. An ideal candidate should possess knowledge of the following architectural patterns in terms of architecture and software design when you Hire Java Spring Boot Developer,

  • The pattern is layered
  • Client-server pattern
  • A master-slave relationship
  • The pattern of a pipe-filter (Pipe-filter pattern)
  • Broker pattern
  • The peer-to-peer model
  • Event-bus pattern
  • Model/view/controller (MVC) pattern (Model-view-controller pattern)
  • Blackboard pattern
  • Interpreter pattern

A step-by-step guide to hiring an expert Java Spring developer

Throughout, you will find a step-by-step guide to help you hire your dedicated Spring boot developer who is familiar with Java. You will see that this can be a smooth process.

Using the right tools can make the hiring process as smooth as possible, even for technical roles, regardless of how long it takes.

Here are the steps for hiring your next Java Spring developer:

Identify the responsibilities

To define a role's responsibilities and parameters, you must first establish its parameters and see its capabilities. 

You need to check how the particular hire will contribute to the projects, their skills, and more

Assess the skills

Using the job description to determine how you will assess the applicants' skills based on the job description. It is most accurate and efficient to use a skills testing platform to do this precisely and efficiently.

You'll be able to find more than 220 assessments that you can combine in an assessment (along with up to five tests) that will enable you to evaluate your candidates' skills objectively using the test library. The best results come from Spring Boot tests.

Assess the skills of applicants

To proceed, you must invite candidates to take the skills assessment. Since this step identifies candidates' strengths and skills more efficiently than CV screening, it can entirely replace it.

Interview with shortlisted applicants

Interviews follow. With skills tests, you will only waste time with applicants with the right skills, which is the most resource-intensive part of the hiring process. 

Decide who to hire and extend the best offer

With all the information you have so far about each applicant, you will be able to evaluate their potential. If your best applicant meets your hiring criteria, extend an offer to them.

The onboarding process

The onboarding process is crucial for a new employee's performance, as well as the company's overall experience. Make your new employee's onboarding plan based on the results of their skills assessment.

A checklist can ensure that you get everything during onboarding.


You must choose the right approach when hiring at your company. This way, you will be able to streamline the process, reducing stress and time-consuming tasks for both candidates and the company. 

To hire a dedicated Spring Boot developer, it is essential to include Spring tests in your assessment process. With the help of this test, you will be able to assess candidates' knowledge of the Spring framework to determine which candidate is the most suitable for the job.